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Freyja – All that Glitters is Not Gold

One cannot truly delve into Norse mythology, without encountering the beautiful Freyja at some point. Possibly the most prominent of the goddesses in all Scandinavian folklore, Freyja was revered by the Vikings as the goddess of love, beauty and sexuality, fertility, lust and material wealth. With all those attributes going for her, what's not to love?  As it turns out, Freyja also possesses some magical witchcraft powers, and is sort-of a goddess of war and death too. She lives in Asgard, at an abode called Folkvang, which translates to 'Field of the People', or 'Field of Armies'. It is here...

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Njord - God of Wind

With the changing of seasons, to spring here in the south and winter in the north, the winds that swirl about the tropics remind us of the influential god, Njord – Norse god of the sea and the winds. While relatively little is known of Njord, the story of his untimely marriage has survived the ages. When the goddess of youth, Idun, was kidnapped by the jotnar (giants), the gods and goddesses led a rally into the realms to recover her. A battle ensued, in which the giant, Thjazi, was cut down. Idun was eventually rescued and returned home. While...

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The Jötnar – Giants of the Realms

Where there are gods, there are also likely to be devils, and we know this to be apparent in Norse mythology.  In this ancient mythology, we see Asgard and Vanaheim the home to the Aesir and Vanir gods, such as the well-known Odin and Thor, and Midgard the home to humankind. It is on the outskirts of the universal realms that we find six other worlds that accommodate unknown spiritual beings, dark beings shrouded in mystery and deeply feared by the ancient Norse people. One of these worlds is called Jotunheim, home of the jötnar (singular jötunn), the first living being....

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The Horned Viking Helmet Myth

To those unfamiliar with the Norse culture, when the word 'Viking' is thrown around, a warrior with a horned helmet is likely pictured similar to that in the logo from the American Football team Minnesota Vikings. Whilst this image is thrown around a lot, it creates such a controversy amongst those of Norse culture & faith. There is much discussion around the practicality of the helmet when worn in battle, and therefore how historically likely it was that it existed to begin with. Some would argue that whilst the Vikings wore helmets at times in battle, they were rarely more...

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Huginn and Muninn

Odin's quest for knowledge includes Huginn and Muninn (pronounced as HOO-gin and MOO-nin, where sometimes it is anglicized into Hugin and Munin), his pair of ravens. The pair scout Midgard in search of information to bring back to Odin himself to help keep as him omnipotent as possible. Specifically, the ravens would return at dinner time allowing Odin to remain up to date on a day to day basis. Huginn and Muninn were documented in the Poetic Edda in the 13th century (an unnamed collection of Norse poems). Odin is sometimes referred to as the raven god (amongst countless other...

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