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Rune Stone Divination

Runes can be used for guidance by specific ways of presenting and reading these symbols. If you'd like to read into the origin and other purposes of the eldest known runes, the Elder Futhark, you may read our earlier blog post here

Rune stone divination should not be used to predict the future. This is not its function. Look at it as a tool for guidance. It allows you to work with the subconscious and focus on the questions that have been bothering you and those which you just need the answers to. 

One common way to use the runes is the 5 card layout. This requires you to have 25 cards (with each card marked with a different rune). 

5 Card Layout Rune Reading Stone Norse Blood

Note: When shuffling your deck - it is important to ensure the cards are shuffled in a manner where at random some will be upside down. In rune reading we call these 'reverse' or 'inverted' cards where the meaning is now negative. 

Each rune has a generally accepted meaning behind it, however as we use these to provide guidance to the individual, it is important to use your own understanding or interpretation. Let's run through what each rune means.

The runes are comprised of the Earth Family (Feoh, Ur, Thorn, As, Aad, Ken, Gifu & Wynn). The Warrior Family (Hagal, Nyd, Is, Jera, Eoh, Peorth, Elhaz & Sigel) and the Heaven Family (Tyr, Beorc, Eh, Man, Lagu, Ing, Odal, Daeg). There's also a 25th rune known as the blank rune or Wyrd. Whilst there is a lot of controversy around its origin, it's meaning in rune divination means it is not the right time to ask your question or seek guidance. 

Here's a visual for easier reading. 

 Elder Futhark Norse Blood Blog

You've drawn 5 cards, you've placed them in the typical 5 card layout manner with 3 in a line and 1 either side vertically of the middle. Let's begin.

Flip the middle card. You've flipped Wynn in the upright position (not upside down based on how you've shuffled). This represents harmony, blessing, joy, affection, desire. This may mean based on your question that your present is filled with a desire for harmony, or that you seek a specific joy.  

Flip the left card. You've flipped Ken upside down (reversed). This signifies terminations, facing up to death, giving up the old. The left rune explains why you are in the predicament you are in now. This may mean you are seeking joy, but your inability to give up the old is holding you back. 

Flip the upper card. You've flipped God in the upright position. This represents wisdom, apprentice, tests, inspiration & advice. You can expect to receive help in the form of these keywords. This may mean advice or wisdom is set to be given to you to help you on your journey to conquer the old, or to reorient you on your journey to harmony. 

Flip the lower card. You've flipped Tyr in reverse (upside down). In this way Tyr represents blocked energy, listless, questionable motives. The lower card represents aspects of the problem that cannot be changed and must be accepted unless a positive (upright) rune is shown, in which it indicates the lack of obstacles or troublesome influences. Whilst a positive rune here is ideal, a negative one can be overcome when factoring in the upper card indication of how you will find help.

Flip the right card. This indicates the future. The outcome of this journey. We will let you work this one out on your own. 


Seer Norse Blood

 Rune reading may require some practice, but it's important to remember that it is only a guide and that in way locks your fate in stone. It's important to factor in your own personal circumstance and know that the runes are not an objective guide. 2 individuals will read their runes and interpret it in different ways, and this is perfectly intended. 

If you have any questions about your rune reading please reach out to us at and we'll be happy to help. Happy reading!


Written by Jax Ryan 

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    Are you suppose to leave the valknut and blank card out

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