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Pagan Solstice Festival Handcarved Drinking Horn - Norse Blood

Pagan Solstice Festival Handcarved Drinking Horn
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Fill it up and don't set it down until you have emptied it completely! Each horn is hand carved from a natural buffalo horn, and harvested in a renewable manor where no animals were harmed. The physical dimensions of each will vary according to the animal and the person that carved it. The finish is shiny or gloss-like, and the coloring and grain may be light, dark, or a mix of both. Patterns are etched into the horn too. For display purposes only. 

Note: Each of the vessels are handcrafted using Natural buffalo horns. Size, shape or color may slightly vary from the one shown in the picture. The horn is a natural item and we recommend that you coat it with beeswax often or before storage. To do this simply melt beeswax and pour it inside the horn, wait for it to solidify, and pull it out. It is recommended to do this from time to time to prevent any crackling. Please hand wash with a gentle detergent and coat the inside with vegetable oil to preserve it. 

Average Linear Length: 8.5 Inches
Average Circumferential Length: 12.5 Inches
Average Horn Diameter: 2.12 to 3.31 Inches
Materials: Natural Buffalo Horn, Handcrafted
*All specifications are approximate.*

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