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Facebook Group Rules

You've likely found this page by clicking a link when applying to join our Facebook group "Norse Blood Awakening." You can head back there by clicking this link
1) Facebook Community Standards
We are bound just like you to uphold the Community Standards of Facebook. If you breach any of these, we are obligated to remove you from the group. We may also report you to FaceBook as you have put our group at risk. You can view these here:

2) Introducing Yourself
Given we approve 1k+ members a month (30% of applicants) we make group welcome posts & have an introduction thread found in the announcements section.

3) Content
Keep your content productive, engaging and/or fun. Keep it Norse related. We have a dedicated thread for tattoos and other topics in the announcements section. We may remove overused memes.

4) Respect
In addition to upholding Facebook Community Standards, we also require you to be an overall positive member. We understand everyone is going through their own turmoils, and not everyone will agree with one another at all times, but it's important to remain polite & coherent in your discussions.

5) Spam
Do not make multiple posts in a short period of time, or stack multiple photos or memes in one thread. We have many members, give others a chance to be heard.

6) Advertising
Do not advertise your own or another's page, group, channel etc. without express permission from the admins. If you'd like to work with Norse Blood professionally, contact us at

7) Reporting
Do not create posts in the group complaining about members, existing content or previously removed content. Report it to an admin. Do not report to FB directly if you have not first reported it to us.

8) Selling Your Own Items
Zero tolerance policy against selling your own personal items. Whether they are handcrafted or not, it's not permitted. You can buy cultural clothing, jewelry & more from

9) Common Sense
Any actions that disrupt the value the group provides to its members which may not fit into the above rules may also warrant a post or member being removed.

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