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Refunds & Exchanges

Refund Norse Blood

We offer you a 30-day money back guarantee. This means that if you for any reason within 1 month of receiving your item you wish to return your item for a refund, we will offer you one under any circumstance. 

Naturally, we want every experience to be a great one. So if you are not happy with your order, let us know! We'll set it straight. For example:

  • We will replace any faulty item for free (typically we don't require you to send the order back)
  • If you're simply unhappy with the product and it wasn't what you expected, we have options to set this right as well. 


Norse Blood Exchanges

If you've ordered a product of a specific size e.g. clothing, rings armrings, then there is always a chance it won't fit. Not to worry! Norse Blood has a simple and clear exchange system to get you the right size without any headaches. This is handy for buying surprise gifts for a friend or family member! 

Whilst we appreciate you taking the time to order the right size, in the event it goes wrong, simply get in touch with us. We'll organize the correct size to be sent out as soon as possible, and will arrange for you to send back the original purchase. 

Please note if you've ordered a custom item such as unique designs we've made for it, or an engraved product, we cannot offer you an exchange. This is simply because we cannot resell your product to another. We're sure you understand. So please double check those sizings, or get in touch with us first so we can give you confidence it'll fit on arrival. 


Contact Us Norse Blood

Please e-mail us at to arrange any of the above. We guarantee we will set it straight. We're a community here at Norse Blood, and as part our community, we work together for a common goal. 

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