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Fall Harvest Hand Carved Drinking Horn - Norse Blood

Fall Harvest Hand Carved Drinking Horn
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Fill'er up with the best stuff in the house! Be sure your guests are drinking all of their beverage when serving it from a drinking horn. You cannot set this horn down until it is empty. What a classic way to cool off the festivities with a historically famous way to drink! Each horn is from an actual buffalo (no animals were harmed in the making). A master carving expert hand carved each horn to its current state for your pleasure. Features a hand carved design of wheat in a starburst pattern, with carvings from top to bottom. 

Before drinking from this horn, we recommend filling it with melted beeswax to sterilize it and protect the surface. Clean with a gentle detergent and then coat with vegetable oil to keep it from drying out. 

Overall Linear Length: 9 Inches 
Overall Radial Length: 13.1 Inches 
Opening Diameter: 3.125 Inches 
Estimated Fluid Capacity: 16oz 
Material: Naturally Occurring Buffalo Horn 
Construction: Hand Carved Individually 
Design Features: Starburst Wheat, Carved by Hand 
*All specifications are approximate*

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